Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

Glen at the USA Wu Shu AcademyAccording to the universal law of creation, simply, we get what we think about.

Remember the first time you took your new car out for a drive? How many other cars of the same model did you see? Amazing amounts! We tend not to see things that aren’t in our realm of existence.

We exclude so much opportunity, purely because we look for what we already have. This is where the saying “Like attracts like” comes from. Similarly, albeit more dangerously, we think about the bad stuff and how we don’t want it.

We have all dwellt at some point on how horrible something was that happened to us was. How we are not going to let it happen again, only to have it happen even worse. This is because now we have given the thought pure emotion. The will and the word.

The universe does not know the difference between good and bad, between a million dollars and ten cents. It just knows how to create based on your feelings. Similarly, the more emotion we feed into it, the more we speed up the arrival and intensity of what we have just ‘asked’ for. After all, “ask and you shall receive”.

You should  look, think and dwell only on what you want.

The law of creation/attraction states that:

“Since we are  thinking beings and cannot stop thinking, and the universe receives our thoughts and cannot stop creating,  It must always be creating something for us. What It creates depends wholly upon what we are thinking, and what we shall attract depends wholly upon that which our thoughts dwell.”

The universe only gives back to us that which we think/feel into it. It is that simple. This is something that you must know within yourself absolutely, not just accepting it with your intellect. 



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