Standing in Stillness

Glen Levy practising on the plum blossom training toolThe world and elements are constantly moving and changing around us. Therefore, we need to move within it just to stay still.

All this is achieved through the practice of a standing meditation called Posting.

By holding yourself in a chi building posture in complete stillness (most of the time on one leg), there are a constant myriad of smaller muscles that are continuously tensing and releasing.

Although every aspect of your body from the outside appears to be motionless and completely relaxed, your stabilizing muscles are twitching moving continuously, while sharing the task of keeping you in balance, without over-working one muscle group alone.

This can be likened to a helicopter hovering in one place. For a chopper to stay hovering, there needs to be a constant adjusting of all the levers and controls.

Posting is similar to the practice of Yoga, where a posture is held for a period of time in stillness. I’ve taken postures from multiple martial arts, which work well for me. These positions usually require the use of many different muscles and stabilizers just to hold in one place.

The beauty of the practice called Posting is that the physical gains happen as a by-product of its initial purpose, of which is focus.

That is to say, strength is gained as well as muscle tone, which tends to burn more fat; your flexibility increases due to the strength gain, not to mention the exceptional balance and body awareness that you can now access with ease.

Posting postures can be done anywhere, although you may receive some odd looks performing them in the middle of a crowded mall. Posting takes very little room and it needs no equipment, all you need is a leg to stand on.

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