Stilling the Mind

Glen Levy Posting using Shaolin Longfist

In my last article Standing in Stillness, I explained that we must stand still in difficult positions to reap the physical and mental rewards.

In this article we review the mindset needed to enhance the gains Posting can offer.

While doing Posting exercises, your mind should become ‘one pointed’ which means completely drawn in to one thought alone. This enables you to feel the many minute adjustments needed to simply stay still.

You must become still of mind first, to allow the body to follow. The feeling you are looking for is a balancing and drawing in at your center, somewhere around your naval. There will also be a feeling of projecting out from your hands, feet and head.

It is important to continue keeping the mind still. When a thought comes into your mind that has nothing to do with what you are practicing, you should acknowledge it and let it pass. It is not a process of trying not to think, or saying to yourself ‘don’t think of this or that’, because when we do that, we force ourselves to think.

Try this, I want you to NOT think of a Pink Elephant, so whatever you do, don’t think of a Pink Elephant.

What happened?

You thought of one of course.

This is because we have to think of something first, to know what not to think about. This is how our brains work. So the easiest way to focus is simply to pick an image, thought or feeling (such as keeping your balance), and keep returning to it as your mind wanders (and it will).

This is an extremely valuable tool to play with. It is up to you to find all the areas in your life that this can be used and then…well, use it.

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