The Sweet Breath of Life

Medidating BuddhaBreath and proper breathing is incredibly more important than most of us realize.

There are multiple reasons why and this is a topic that needs and has its own books.

Not only does conscious breathing calm the mind and ease us into a theta brain state (the same state as hypnosis); but by taking deep and conscious breaths, we release huge amounts of toxins from our system while taking in (depending on your environment) life giving oxygen.

Good air good life. 

The most important factor, I feel, is that some illnesses cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. These ‘creepy crawlies’ are anaerobic in nature (live without oxygen), and therefore die in an environment filled with oxygen, just as we would die in an environment without it.

By enriching our microcosm with energy or oxygen, we also enrich our macrocosm. In other words, if we can enrich our cells then our body and life will become enriched, with whatever we put into it, from oxygen to love.

These topics are exciting and the information is ready to be applied, but remember that knowledge without application is empty.

I’ll explain these topics in more detail in my later blogs and books, although I urge you, as the reader, (whom I give the benefit of the doubt that are highly intelligent and motivated, considering that you are reading my blog in the first place) to research more about this topic for yourself in the mean time.

One Response to The Sweet Breath of Life

  1. Grant says:

    Excellent article Glen . . . well done.

    Also “good water, good life” . . . more on that later (-;

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