Day One on The Hercules Diet

Glen BeforeEnd of Day One on ‘The Hercules Diet’ and it’s been easier than I thought.

I haven’t really been that hungry today, which is not normal for me because I eat like Elvis did. I love food a lot. No, seriously…

I had the energy for a great training session today at the gym (thank goodness for a 24 hour access gym as it’s been a full-on day today). I had tonnes of energy to keep powering through. No major strength gains but no losses either. I hope it keeps on like this because I love feeling this good.

I started by eating a handful an hour but was finding myself pretty full by around lunch time, so I waited until dinner time to have some more.

As tasty as Pulse is, I was worried I’d get sick of the taste pretty quickly, but I’m still enjoying the taste so far. There are a few flavours that I’ve been given (original, peanut butter, kiwifruit, feijoa etc) but I stayed just on the original formula for the first day.

I’ve got to admit that there is part of my mind that keeps telling me that it will enjoy this diet a whole lot more than my body will. There are times when I wish I wasn’t as in tune with my body but I guess that ignorance isn’t always bliss.

I’m wondering how I’ll do tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Day One on The Hercules Diet

  1. Lauren says:

    That sounds great!!! I’m a calm, mello preson. but I tend to have very little energy. I’ve been using this stuff called, “Ninja Greens” and during the first month, I lost weight, andstarted detoxing my body, here I am, in the middle of month two, I’ve lost alot of weight, and I’m in good shape…and I dont FEEL like I need to eat. My mom is trying to make me, but I just dont. Mayby if the diet that your taking comes out in the US, then I’ll try it, because we have PE classes, where most of the hour were there, we JUST RUN, and I dont have enough energy for that. fortunatley, I got out of it during the 2nd semester [due to a knee injery], because I was pretty much sleeping in class from less energy. lol….

  2. Me says:

    But you’re Suprman, not Hercules 😉 doesn’t Superman have his own diet?

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