Day Two on The Hercules Diet

Thai Chicken PenangDay two of ‘The Hercules Diet’ hasn’t been as easy as the first. This is mainly because it appears that I am starting to detox now. Migraines and the feeling of a hangover have been coming and going all day.

It did get me wondering though, if this diet was so good for Daniel and Hercules, then where are they now?? All biblical jokes aside, I actually feel pretty crap today.

I’m sweating out all sorts of toxins that have been locked away in the darkest regions of my body. This along with the need to go to the bathroom on the hour every hour. In fact I’ve decided to call my bowels “ol’ faithful”.

As I expected I am starting to miss food a bit. I’ve had the bizarre craving for some good Thai food all day, which is a little weird. Mmmm Chicken Penang…

Other than that I feel just peachy.

I’ve still been working out everyday, which was a little difficult today because of the migraine. Also, I have somehow dropped 2 kilos already.

It is interesting to feel that my energy levels peak and wain every 20 minutes or so. At some stages I feel like going for a run, and then half an hour later I want to go to sleep.

What that did was force me to channel my chi properly and do some chi kung exercises (which I haven’t done in a while). This did help a bit, although I’m sure a Thai Chicken curry would do the trick too. No…I must hold my resolve.

Well, trial by fire is supposed to be good training.

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Day Two on The Hercules Diet

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  2. Keep it up, Glen! You are stronger than the Thai Chicken!

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