Day Three on The Hercules Diet

Leather MaskI woke up early this morning having to be ready for work on the second series of Legend of The Seeker at 5am.

I soon find myself dressed in leather from head to toe. Something that wouldn’t look out of place in Gene Simmon’s wardrobe.

I didn’t miss breakfast at all this morning and my headache’s have gone.

In fact, I feel quite chipper and I’m glad to be on set today. I’m interested to see how this diet will work on a day like today which will involve fighting, falling and generally acting like a kid let loose in a McDonald’s playground post sugar rush.

Later that day…

I’m finding it mentally harder today mainly because catering just served a Thai chicken curry for everyone! The very dish I’ve been craving since starting The Hercules Diet.

I decided ‘for training’s sake’ to stay and watch everyone eat. I’m trying to visualise how awful it must taste, but who am I fooling.

I guess the hardest part of today is the constant questioning about why I’m not eating, and then trying to explain what The Hercules Diet actually is (which tends to end up as a 20 minute conversation).

I’ve decided to just tell everyone I’m anorexic. It’s not fooling anyone, considering they’ve seen the huge amounts of food I usually eat.

I had a relatively full-on day today, falling repeatedly on to my back, It’s never my first choice on how to spend a day but I did have a lot of fun with my friends.

I felt good all day, other than the mental battle. Somehow, even though I don’t feel hungry, I am craving foods with protein.

If I die from malnutrition tomorrow (from not eating Thai chicken curry) I want you to know, I’ve always loved you.

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8 Responses to Day Three on The Hercules Diet

  1. Glen V says:

    Isnt it, “as soon as we born we begin to die”??? The glass is half empty! LOL

  2. Hey Glen,

    Any flu-like symptoms as the toxins are leaving you?

    Is this diet ‘flushing’ everything out of you? (and you don’t have to answer that one too graphically).


  3. Irina Wawilkin says:

    To Gayle: There are no toxins in a (more or less) healthy human body. This is a myth :-p

  4. To Irina: Really? With all the crap we eat, you don’t think the body stores that stuff up?

  5. Irina Wawilkin says:

    So don’t eat crap. You won’t get poisoned by eating “normal” stuff. As long as your liver, kidneys and bowel have no dysfunctions, your body should be able to cope with things like preservatives, artificial colours, alcohol or caffeine.

  6. John says:

    Food is such a social focus. The questions and figuring out how to fit into social situations that involve eating are always the hardest part of any new eating regime.

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