Day Five on The Hercules Diet

Distorted photo of Glen and SteveToday I find myself sitting on a grassy hill. Overlooking a beautiful view with not a house in sight.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’m surrounded my mooing cows. I thought by now I’d be ready to take a bite out of one of them. But not quite yet.

In fact I’m not hungry at all, which is surprising, because I thought the longer I was on this diet the more hungry I would get, but in fact it is the opposite.

Yet again I’m dressed like a member of the band Kiss, and I’m waiting for the next moment to get kicked in the face again (don’t worry, this time it’s in the script).

I weighed myself again last night and I’ve lost another half a kilo, but actually gained quite a bit of lean muscle mass. In fact, I’m quite liking this diet at the moment.

Another thing that I’ve noted is that I’m continuously feeling calm. Nothing seems to stress me, I feel in a constant state of happy acceptance. A strong state to be in for creative manifestation.

Now all I have to do is think of something to manifest – any ideas??

Later that day…

Now I find myself sitting in the back of my friend Steve’s (stunt coordinator) wagon, with Dayna (Kaylan’s stunt double) from Legend of the Seeker. We’re playing with the program Photobooth on Steve’s Mac book.

We’re taking photos of each other using the face distort features and giggling like school girls. This is one of the best ab workouts I’ve ever had.

I’m reminded of the fact that laughter can be medicinal. When you laugh the system releases endorphins and dopamine and promotes a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

This also boosts the immune system, so it really is true that laughter is the best medicine.

If only I was born looking like a clown, then every time I’d look in the mirror I would laugh – or run away screaming, depending on how you feel about clowns.

The other thing that it has awakened me to, is the importance of friends.

True friends accept you for all your strengths and shortcomings, and are happy to spend time with you, not necessarily doing anything, but just to spend the time.

They say the mark of a man’s wealth is the company he keeps. I want to spend more time with my good friends because I intend to be a wealthy man.

So, I’m now half way through my 10 days on The Hercules Diet.

Let’s hope tomorrow goes as well as today, I’ll continue to keep you updated daily.

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2 Responses to Day Five on The Hercules Diet

  1. Lichen June says:

    So, when I shared all those Dave Barry columns with you I should have been charging doctors rates? 🙂 Always had heaps of fun laughing with you. Hope laughter keeps rolling your way! Lichen

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