Day Seven on The Hercules Diet

MoneyMy hunger cravings have finally died down, the only thing is I’m a little bored of my choices for food (ie: none).

I did get reminded I was meant to be eating organic apples of green, yellow and red as well as the Pulse, to gain natural sugars for energy. Good to remember at day seven.

Chi Kung has been helping a lot. I’ve been reading books on Chi Kung and its applications by the grand master Mantak Chia, who seems to be an encyclopaedia of chi and its cultivation exercises.

I’m learning a lot more about the subtleties that should be involved in the cultivation of chi, as well as some of the dangers of improper practice. It’s funny that someone could injure themselves while standing alone in an empty room, not moving.

One of the main benefits of practicing Chi Kung over this time has been being able to redirect my minds focus from hunger into a feeing of fullness, when the only ‘food’ is pure energy.

I’ve been quite surprised how interested and supportive my colleagues and friends have been over the last week. Many of them wanted to learn more and have talked about trying it themselves.

It’s nice to plant a seed.

On the topic of planting, I’ve been using this abundance of chi and directing it towards the plants I’ve recently surrounded myself with. One in particular was a small test for myself.

At the beginning of the Hercules Diet, I planted an acorn that I found outside, kept it in my room and sent it happy images daily of being a full grown oak. Having grown an acorn before, I was surprised how fast, given the same environmental conditions, that this acorn is growing.

In fact, in two days, it went from being hidden below the earth, to now being an inch high and growing fast. I love nature.

I’ve decided to take abundance creation literally, and visually represent it through nature. One of my plants is a jade plant, commonly called a money tree (I wish it was real) and, in an attempt to create the reality of abundance, I have placed money on the soil of the plant pots, like fallen fruits of gold.

It reminds me that money is, and should always be, thought of as abundant, in order for it to become so.

Day seven has definitely been one of the easier days, although I can’t lie, I am really looking forward to that Thai chicken.

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