Day Eight on The Hercules Diet

Bujinkan-LogoIt’s only now at the late stages of The Hercules Diet that I am aware of some of the less obvious but more useful benefits. 

Number one being the increased ability to sense what nutrients I need.

It’s interesting that foods that I would normally deem as healthy and good for me, when I think about them now, cause my stomach to turn.

My intuition for what nutrients my body requires (needs not wants), has kicked into overdrive after being on The Hercules Diet.

It’s a strong reminder that things are not always as they appear, and to always go with your gut.

This reminds me of one great training I attended when I had only been practicing Ninjutsu or Bujinkan budo taijutsu for three years. The seminar was taught by one of New Zealand’s senior ranking Shidoshi at the time, the late Michael Gent. It was based on the topic that ‘Things are not always as they appear’.

An old lesson, I know, but his method in demonstrating was one of my favourite sensory trainings, and still is.

He would create a gauntlet where 15 men would stand on one side of you in a line and 15 on the other side.

Your objective was to walk from one end to the other and discern which 3 of the 30 attackers, would actually attack.

It may sound impossible, but when you truly still your mind, with no preconceived outcomes, things that are and things that will be, stand out in sharp focus from things that merely appear to be.

The idea was to feel the intent of the attacker/s and attack them before they had a chance to initiate.

If you were wrong, there were punishments that would usually in impressive bruises. Funnily enough, barely anyone got it wrong.

I guess when training in a group, there’s a collective consciousness that seems to feed everyone’s abilities equally.

I wish I had of been able to have someone else go through the diet me at the same time just to share experiences and bounce abilities off, but I realise that for someone to walk a path, someone else must first cut the path through the forest.

I’m happy that it’s me.

One Response to Day Eight on The Hercules Diet

  1. Glen is right, the Hercules diet is incredible. He is proving that what we eat is grossly overrated…. My god do you need any more energy bro…. cant wait to see you.

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