Day Nine on The Hercules Diet

Alley oopsWell, my intrepid readers. I am one day from the end of this ….. diet. 

The odd thing is, now it’s easy. The moods have changed, the hunger has died off and my energy levels are consistent.

In the beginning it seemed not just possible but easy. By the second day I was ready to kill a guy in an alley. 

I must admit that the intensity of the detox initially caused me to re-evaluate whether I wanted to do this or not, but I stuck to my guns and plodded on. 

I’m glad that the following day wasn’t anything like the initial detox and gratefully never quite got back there. 

By the middle of The Hercules Diet I actually started to see a light at the end of the tunnel, despite my cravings for specific foods, which still hold true even now. In fact I’m ready catch a flight to Thailand for the real deal chicken penang. 

If I were to give any advice about detoxing using The Hercules Diet, I’d say take the time off work and potentially stay away from the gym. It has huge benefits but specific requirements in order to get the most out of it. 

By continuing my stuntwork for Legend of The Seeker, and my normal gym and martial arts routine, I was definitely burning the candle at both ends and was burning more calories than Pulse could replace

This did make me lose a considerable amount of weight, most of which I’ve gained back in lean muscle. However, because of my intensity with everything I do, I am feeling slightly fatigued but still know that this was my fault and my choice in the method I chose to detox. 

My weakness has always been the strength of my mind. Throughout my various martial arts training, I have always tended to push myself to my limits and beyond, and definitely suffered the consequences. 

I guess that’s the beauty of freedom of choice. Sometimes it can be a detriment, depending on the choices we make. As they say, hindsight is 20/20, and with some hard work I’d like to get it down to 65/47 🙂 

One more day to go and at this stage I feel like I could keep going. I didn’t go through as much Pulse as I expected, so I plan to continue to replace some of my diet with Pulse even once I start eating ‘normally’.

6 Responses to Day Nine on The Hercules Diet

  1. When you start eating ‘normally’, what will the include..? What is a typical day of food for you?

  2. and… is there any transition period after eating 10-days worth of Pulse, or can you jump right back into ‘real’ food..?

  3. Jim Hudson says:

    throw some of that left-over pulse my way!!

  4. mdh001 says:

    This is great Glen…you are an inspiration and such good stuff in writing too.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Hi glen, i had the pleasure of meeting both Don and Tyler Tolman this year and had Tyler come up to Canada to speak on Self Care and Self Education. He also talked about the 30 Day Challenge.. and my daughter and I have decided to give it a try. We both start on January 1st with a 4 day colon cleanse..then 26 days on Pulse.
    It was great to read your blog… gave me some insight as to what to expect, although I have done an 18 day Cabala fast and felt so GREAT after, that I feel this can only be better!
    Do you think you would do this again? in a few months to help keep yourself physically/ mentally in harmony?

  6. I have nothing specifically intelligent to add. I’m just piping up to say that I’m with you on this.

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