Day Ten on The Hercules Diet

Mini hard targetWell, this is the last day on The Hercules Diet.

I kind of feel like I’m having the last few moments with a great master, who has taught me all that he can and is now leaving, allowing me to figure out my own training.

It’s funny, some of the most influential training tends to be the harshest in the beginning.

I guess in this way it trains not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

I grew up on a farm just outside the small town of Thames, New Zealand, where there was not a lot to do for a teenager. There were girls, drugs and alcohol; which for some people may have been plenty.

Fortunately, I was blessed with an unlimited amount of energy and needed to be able to harness it more expressively. What better playground for a kid than unlimited farmland, bush and rivers with no dangerous animals?

In fact I attribute to this day that many of my abilities came from my pastimes during my childhood, more than my training as an adult.

One of my favorite pastimes was ‘boulder hopping’. This was a sport where you would have to race a kilometer up a river or creek by jumping from stone to stone, doing your best not to slip and fall into the water.

It was great for balance, plyometrics, coordination and pain tolerance. Once you had fallen it the water it was impossible to get enough friction to stay on any rock you landed on without adapting your balance technique.

We had another game I used to play with my friend Mathew as teenagers. Looking back, it must have appeared horrifying from the outside, and probably highly illegal nowadays. I guess hindsight is 20/20.

My friend Mathew Peacocke drove a yellow Mini minor at the time (the car, not a dwarf coal digger with Jaundice). We decided nothing would be more fun than making a game called “mini hard target.” 

This game involved a team of four to six. We’d pick a spot in town roughly four kilometers distance from wherever we were at the time. Two people would be in the car and the rest of us would run to get to the spot that we chose earlier. Sounds simple right?

Ah, but here’s the rub, the job of guys in the car was to hunt us down after a 2 minute head start, capture us, then try to make us submit with a small beating, while stopping us from escaping. If you submitted or were restrained completely, you became part of the hunting crew. Fun huh?

We would be jumping over fences, running through back yards, swimming under bridges, jumping from tree to tree, and anything else we could do to get to our target location without being captured.

I think this may be something that I will start up again in the near future.

What is it about small amounts of fear that make things so much more fun and memorable?

I guess that by having emotion link to a lesson, it not only sticks in your mind, but it becomes part of your entire being.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me, and don’t think that I won’t blog about my first Thai Chicken. 

– Glen

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  1. Kristin says:

    Where’s the “after” picture?

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