Dangerous Meditation

Glen LevyTo answer the questions I’ve been getting, I have been working on the TV show Legend of The Seeker. This has been taking up a fair share of my time.

Despite the fact that people see film work as being glamourous and exciting, the truth is a typical day is brief moments of terror, encompassed by hours of boredom.

Although most of the work that I’m doing for the show is relatively easy (eg: sword fighting and falling), every once in a while I get to do something really dangerous fun.

A recent ‘gag’ is the perfect example. I had to gallop a horse through a forest, alongside another stunt performer, and dive off my horse to tackle the other performer to the ground (hopefully missing the tree trunks and roots).

Feats such as these, cause the mind to focus so intently, that all other background thoughts tune out, leaving me in a state of dangerous meditation.

The objective of meditation is to have such an ease of focus that all worries, thoughts etc, lose power and file themselves away into order.

When I do such, well, stupid stunts; it forces me into this state, but leaves me with a neural pathway that I can use again if needed.

There are less painful ways to achieve this state, so I’m not suggesting you try wrangling a horse from some random farm and taking a swan dive into the terra firma.

However sometimes you do need to push yourself over your own perceived boundaries in order to find yourself.

So what’s your version of equine diving that you can challenge yourself with today? Leave a comment with your ideas.

Something less challenging that you can do right now, is to add yourself to my subscriber list while holding a live grenade. Ok, forget about the grenade part, but you will be the first to find out about my latest adventures (and for those feeling a little chicken, there is a one-click unsubscribe if it gets too scary).

Glen Levy Stunt

2 Responses to Dangerous Meditation

  1. Nicola says:

    Hell yeah , did the live grenade thing! Removed the spoon , subscribed the long way , and put the spoon back again. Damn , I was focused! =D

    Keep up the good work!

  2. peter says:

    i luve that show whatches it every time I can 🙂

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