The Dreamcatchers Cruise

It was 5am, I was standing on the deck of the cruise liner ‘The Legend of the Seas’ in the East China Sea, watching the sun come up and smelling the warm salty air which touched my face.

This was one of the only times I had to myself to recharge while on the tour of China, Japan and Korea.

The rest of my time I was giving all of myself to instruct, inspire and heal the many wonderful participants on the tour.

It was great to be able to speak alongside my friends Mike Handcock, Don Tolman, Maya Shahani, Dave Rogers and Mattias Gelber, all with many pearls of wisdom that they openly shared with everyone.

I’m a huge fan of travelling, in fact I spend he majority of the year doing it but this was the first time I had been to China and fulfilled a life long dream to… wait for it, perform a back somersault on the Great Wall of China.

It may seem like a silly dream but many of our childhood dreams have shaped the very direction that our lives have taken, so I pay respect to them by completing them as an adult when I get the chance.

Interestingly, when you get to complete one, you give in to the excitement as if you were suddenly a child again, unaware of social barriers or learned limitations. In this state you are filled with great Chi. The energy you have access to, is as boundless as the sea.

This is a great place to create new, adult goals and dreams.

Remember to fill them with as much wonder and excitement as you would have as a six year old with a large cardboard box and some crayons creating a race car to race at le mans or a space ship to explore alien worlds or a dojo to teach the world your theories and knowledge…

Dreams do come true. You can create them and you have the power to catch them if only you would remember.

One Response to The Dreamcatchers Cruise

  1. Galib imtiaz says:

    I wish one day my dreams will come true.

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