About Glen Levy

Glen teaching in LAIt is relatively hard to box myself into one title or job description, I’ve been blessed throughout my life to be many things.

I’ve been a fighter, martial arts instructor, stuntman, healer, actor, fight choreographer, comedian and international speaker.

If it is necessary to pick one to encompass what I love to do, then I guess I would simply label myself as a teacher.

I am definitely a person who likes to test theories and concepts out for myself, before accepting them as ‘gospel’. Sometimes I agree and implement them into my life and teaching, and other times I purge information that no longer has meaning to me.

This is a great reminder that no matter how long I have been a teacher, I will always be a student. This ideal I give to you.

I hope my blog will inspire you to constantly test your limits and abilities, while retaining a sense of wonder and excitement about your potential in life, hence my choice of tagline for this blog:

‘When we stop learning, we start to die.’

Share your thoughts by adding a comment below, or get in touch.

– Glen Levy

32 Responses to About Glen Levy

  1. Welcome « says:

    […] This is the personal blog of Glen Levy which will be active very soon. Until then, you can find out more about Glen and join Glen’s Facebook […]

    • James says:

      I was wondering if you could, post more on the
      impact vs momentum. I have studied martial arts for around 8 years. most of which i have studied shito-ryu karate. and your impact vs momentum does not go with what i have learn about power. I would really like to learn what it is. please and thanks 🙂

    • Karma Zangpo says:

      The science behind your movements is stellar. Would love to meet you one day in the future. I’ve studied Martial Arts for awhile and had numerous injuries- some incredibly severe (hairline fracture on tailbone, third Lombardi misplaced, shoulder spurs and compound fracture on right arm). Think your teaching style is spot on from what I’ve researched about you.

      Nathan Springer


  2. Lauren says:

    hi glen! thats cool, i mean how you think of yourself as a student. I read ninjitsu/ninjutsu books to learn. i also watch your videos on youtube. if you ever do a seminar in san diego [my home town at the moment], or los angeles, let me know, I’ll come out and attend. see you soon!

  3. Shane says:

    Hey Glen, saw you on fight science. I live in LA and I have heard that there are a lot of fake ninjitsu schools out there. Do you know of any good ones in California? If not do you know of any good books or something online? Thanks man.

    • Glen Levy says:

      There are some great schools in Cali. If you look for Bujinkan budo taijutsu you should find a school in your area.



      • Jennifer says:

        Glen, I have not been trained in any martial arts. I have always admired it though, I do plan on learning one day. Besides that point, I was wondering if you teach ninjitsu? I read that you are the best in the world, and I am amazed. If by any chance you are a teacher, I would love to learn from you.


    Hi Glen, my name is Raul, if you ever come to Mexico, please let me know…i would love to be in one of your seminars…


  5. ped talbot says:

    Hey’HO.Glen. How do you combat the fear and shakes,when you come across a situation when you have to step upto the plate and face the problem coming ahead?. Also this eye contact stare,how do you train to watch and then strike if need be.I have problem stareing people out,before i crumble.. I know i need to train but hard on your own and working away in the week.Cheers ped from MANCHESTER . ENGLAND.

  6. octavio says:

    hey glen, im octavio. hey i had one question, see im really into ninjutsu im 17 rite and i want to start training in the martial art. the thing is, im currently 6 foot and 250 pounds, do you think the art would fit me. i know i can loose the weight, i weight 180 about a year and a half ago when i was in boxing and i could also do backflips and everything, i just got really lazy. the thing im worried about is my height, i have really good balance but would it effect me in any other way in ninjutsu. always can use the info,thanks alot

  7. Hi Glen, just asking if the art of Ninjutsu that you practice is related to Bujinkan or other source… I´ve been practicing martial arts since young and I would like to train in a real ninjutsu dojo…

    Have planned to expand to Central America (Guatemala for example?, I live here…)

    Domo Arigato Glen san…

  8. Mayre says:

    oi, eu sou brasileira. Uma grande fã sua, espero que voce me mande um e-mail e assim possamos conversar. Beijo

  9. fredrick says:

    hi glen i like ur demonstration about ninjitsu. im a black belt in taekwondo. i would love to learn ninjitsu as a part of life. do u think u could open a school for ninjitsu in india? i live in india.

  10. ROM says:


  11. ryan says:

    hay glen
    im a friend of a guy you worked with he features in some of your grappling vids(sam h) and heard you did a course in auckland and was wondering if you had any plans of coming back and could tell me if/when it would happen

  12. josh reeves says:

    hey glen this is josh reeves from forest mississippi i’m only a green belt in tae kwondo but i love martial arts all together i’ve been watching your videos on youtube and i was really interested in you fa jing ( i think thats how its spelt) video the concept of impace versus momentum is pretty cool i was just wondering how can i practice it and make sure i’m doing it right P.S. i got your e book and it was pretty impresive to say the lest

  13. MartaFoster says:

    Me gusta su manera de pensar. Lo vi en accion y me impresiono!!. Soy de Argentina por eso no le puede escribir en ingles, pronto lo hare. Goodbye!

  14. Haris says:

    hey glen,
    i got your free ebook : “standing in stillness”, and i wonder if there are more books for download

  15. Kiran says:

    Dear Glen,

    For many days I have been following you on you tube

    Some how I could found you on google & got the info about your standing still in 9 core techinques ebook.

    but unfortunately i’m not able to downloand it.

    Please help me.

    Also tell me about hot to build the strength

  16. pete says:

    Hello Glen,
    I’m trying to find a good school in illinois can you help me, and what should i look for when checking out ninju schools
    Thank you very much

  17. Hello Levy-Sensei,

    I’m a 5th dan in Koga Hai-Lung Ryu Ninjitsu under Master Ashida Kim and am also the U.S. Top Representative of the Toushinkai School of Koka Ryu Ninjutsu certified under Sensei Rodolfo Turolla and Soke Shunichiro Yunoki. I saw you on fight science do demonstrations and I want to say that you’re indeed awesome!! I loved the one with the plum flower post exercise and also the fukiya from concealment. I am wandering, are you available for strictly Ninjitsu seminars maybe in Texas?? I am associated with a large school here in Victoria, Texas and maybe we could work out something!! Also, what style do you teach of Ninjutsu?? THanks!!

    • Nik Pribulsky says:

      I’d kill to learn Ninjitsu. I live in PA. Where can I find a place to learn? I’m learning Karate from Grand Master Tom Joerg. And I enjoy every minute. However Ninjitsu seems to me like the absolute superior form of combat, self-protection, the techniques look like they could subdue any opponent. Like any fight could be won. And the I guess “mysterious power” the ninja possess really makes you wonder. They’re not the average human. Or Martial Artist for that matter. I want to be like that.

  18. Richard says:

    Hi Glen,

    You have been a inspiration for some while now. And i hope to attend one of your seminars in the future. I hope you will visit the Netherlands anytime .\\

    Thank you for being a inspiration for everyone.


  19. oggy says:

    Hi glen ; good luck.

  20. ninjutsu says:

    Hello there, I found your blog by means of Google while searching for a similar topic, your site came up, it seems great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  21. Ernesto says:

    Hi,Glen I just recenltly discover maybe two days ago.I was trying to find your free ebooks but the site is not available anymore.how could I get them?

  22. Rodney Williams says:

    Dear Soke Levy,
    How are you and your dojo?
    My name is Rodney Williams and studied ninjutsu since 2001. My teach was Soke Thomas E. Yancey of Virginia. He founded Yanshido ryu ninjutsu. I received my black belt in 2003,and formed my own school of ninjutsu call oni kenyo ryu ninjutsu. I am glad to know that there sokes like you give the art a good name.

  23. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Gurbinder Bhatti says:

    Hello mr. Levy my name is Gurbinder i first heard about you in 2008 on fight science. I love martial arts of all kinds. I was wondering if you have any of the fight science episodes you were on on dvd? Or any ninjutsu dvds if you have done any. I have great respect for you and what you do and i think you are one of the greatest martial artists i have seen in a long time and would love to train with you if i am ever so lucky. Thanks alot for all the great work you have done and look forward to seeing more videos.

  25. Deepak Mali says:

    Hello Master Glen, I am Deepak. we was wet in Malavali (Lakshya Youth Camp). i am disciple of Grandmaster Shifuji. I have seen your video and fight science. you are really great one. i’m proud of you. Glad to meet you master. I really inspire from you.thank you so much.

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