Pain is not real…

November 22, 2010

I’ll let that concept sink in a little….

By that I mean that pain is not a thing, it cannot be touched, bottled, nor thrown at a divorcee (though who doesn’t want to do that).

In fact, pain is an electromagnetic signal that is picked up an interpreted by the brain.

Beware, scientific information will follow.

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Glen Levy on Fight Science

February 12, 2010

“Kill this dummy “, they said to me “with this”, they handed me a blow dart and pointed to a beam suspended from a wall 13 feet height, “from there”.

It was going to be one of those days.

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Adventures in OZ

November 21, 2009

I have recently returned home from the wonderful world of Oz. Mike Handcock and I toured Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with our event ‘Quantum Leap your Life’.

I didn’t intend to be crying on stage in front of hundreds of people, let alone find them crying along with me. Emotions are like a river, sometimes it’s easier to go along for the ride after being swept up in them.

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Quantum Leap Your Life

November 2, 2009

Glen Levy FlamesI sit here with barely-bottled excitement, prepping for my Australian tour Quantum Leap Your Life with Mike Handcock (there is a way you can attend for free, more about that below).

I finally get to share some of the secrets I discovered the hard way along my journeys.

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Dangerous Meditation

October 31, 2009

Glen LevyTo answer the questions I’ve been getting, I have been working on the TV show Legend of The Seeker. This has been taking up a fair share of my time.

Despite the fact that people see film work as being glamourous and exciting, the truth is a typical day is brief moments of terror, encompassed by hours of boredom.

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A Kung Fu Pander

August 31, 2009

Alta, NorwayDuring a recent trip to LA, after filming my third appearance on Fight Science for National Geographic, I found myself an unexpected guest at the USA Wushu Training Centre.

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Day Ten on The Hercules Diet

August 25, 2009

Mini hard targetWell, this is the last day on The Hercules Diet.

I kind of feel like I’m having the last few moments with a great master, who has taught me all that he can and is now leaving, allowing me to figure out my own training.

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