You can’t beat a heart…

So there I laid, projectile vomiting all over myself, and was scared but happy about it.

Perhaps I shall explain this a little further.

Let’s take a little journey back a couple of decades or so…

My first Bujinkan budo taijutsu (ninjutsu) instructor was Shidoshi Fordham, who had a flare for making great students while not being very good himself, physically.  Mentally and spiritually on the other hand he was exceptional.   He was a genius when it came to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and conscious control over the autonomic nervous system.  He was also a very funny man always joking and laughing and making each student feel special.

He was able to teach in parables or stories, which is a skill I have tried to retain in my teaching.  He didn’t just explain the mechanics of movements, but allowed you to feel how to do it before you had tried.  Unfortunately as with many great teachers their best lessons are sometimes lost on themselves.

One lesson that stood out for me, and many others student throughout the years, was the skill of stopping your own heart consciously. By this, I mean to cause (by the will of your mind alone) the slowing of your heart to the point that it no longer registers a pulse, even with a stethoscope.

From the outside, and possibly the inside to, we appear dead, cool huh?

Unfortunately, the only side affect wasn’t just awesomeness. When you chose to re-regulate your hearts rhythm, your body (this time not under your own control) empties the contents of its stomach. Not fun (but potentially helpful if your bulimic, but I digress).

My point is, that the body reacts in such a way as to protect itself, the body would register that possible reason or your hearts arrhythmia would be poisoning. It then raises the body’s temperature and empties the contents of the stomach, to expel any possible toxins.

With that said, our body and brain, can’t distinguish the difference between what we think is real and what actually is real.

As I have mentioned before, Ernest Holmes stated that, “Mankind can only experience that which they first perceive, and what they shall experience depends wholly upon that which their thoughts dwell”.

So in other words we get what we think.  The more focus, and intent we give the thought, the more emotion we pour into the thought, the more it effects us good or bad.  Therefore, it is imperative that our thoughts going in, are good positive thoughts because, if we have the ability to stop our own hearts, imagine the damage we can do to ourselves, without us realising that it is us causing it.

Unfortunately I found out a few years ago that my first Shidoshi’s laughter had ceased over the years and he had taken his own life. My heart stopped beating again that day.

My remedy for a hearty life, and still the best medicine, is fun, learning and laughter.  Surround yourself with good friends, good thoughts, and good laughs and live, really live.


5 Responses to You can’t beat a heart…

  1. mdh001 says:

    Great Blog entry… the mind man eh!…Perfect.

  2. Lauren says:

    good blog entry! sorry about your instructor 😦 but at least you learned a lot from him!!!

  3. Gayle Gallagher says:

    What a great message — and how appropriate for the holiday season!

  4. Brian says:

    Can you show me the heart slowing technique? I’ve stopped Meditation years ago because of my negative thoughts and feelings. But it made me so calm in scary situations, I think I’ll start again.

  5. Hello,
    When I was in to archery, I realised that my heart beat would cause my arrow to move off target slightly. At some point I learned how to stop my heart for one allmost 2 beats.

    I greatly injoy seeing you art!

    Peace be with you, Bob

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