Quantum Leap Your Life

November 2, 2009

Glen Levy FlamesI sit here with barely-bottled excitement, prepping for my Australian tour Quantum Leap Your Life with Mike Handcock (there is a way you can attend for free, more about that below).

I finally get to share some of the secrets I discovered the hard way along my journeys.

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Day Ten on The Hercules Diet

August 25, 2009

Mini hard targetWell, this is the last day on The Hercules Diet.

I kind of feel like I’m having the last few moments with a great master, who has taught me all that he can and is now leaving, allowing me to figure out my own training.

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Day Nine on The Hercules Diet

August 24, 2009

Alley oopsWell, my intrepid readers. I am one day from the end of this ….. diet. 

The odd thing is, now it’s easy. The moods have changed, the hunger has died off and my energy levels are consistent.

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Day Eight on The Hercules Diet

August 23, 2009

Bujinkan-LogoIt’s only now at the late stages of The Hercules Diet that I am aware of some of the less obvious but more useful benefits. 

Number one being the increased ability to sense what nutrients I need.

It’s interesting that foods that I would normally deem as healthy and good for me, when I think about them now, cause my stomach to turn.

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Day Seven on The Hercules Diet

August 22, 2009

MoneyMy hunger cravings have finally died down, the only thing is I’m a little bored of my choices for food (ie: none).

I did get reminded I was meant to be eating organic apples of green, yellow and red as well as the Pulse, to gain natural sugars for energy. Good to remember at day seven.

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Day Six on The Hercules Diet

August 21, 2009

Glen LevyI’ve passed the half way mark now on The Hercules Diet.

I was out the other night with friends of mine, doing my best to dodge and weave them offering me beer (good boxing training).

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Day Five on The Hercules Diet

August 20, 2009

Distorted photo of Glen and SteveToday I find myself sitting on a grassy hill. Overlooking a beautiful view with not a house in sight.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’m surrounded my mooing cows. I thought by now I’d be ready to take a bite out of one of them. But not quite yet.

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Day Four on The Hercules Diet

August 19, 2009

EggsToday I had a bad one.

I have never been so emotional about food before. In fact, at times I was getting downright cranky.

I had quite a full on training session today.

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Day Three on The Hercules Diet

August 18, 2009

Leather MaskI woke up early this morning having to be ready for work on the second series of Legend of The Seeker at 5am.

I soon find myself dressed in leather from head to toe. Something that wouldn’t look out of place in Gene Simmon’s wardrobe.

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Day Two on The Hercules Diet

August 17, 2009

Thai Chicken PenangDay two of ‘The Hercules Diet’ hasn’t been as easy as the first. This is mainly because it appears that I am starting to detox now. Migraines and the feeling of a hangover have been coming and going all day.

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